Keep your tattoo healthy with this simple aftercare routine.


On the day of your tattoo:

After 2-3 hours remove the dressing (please wash your hands before you remove the dressing).

Wash with warm water.

Gently pat dry with a clean towel or tissue.

Apply a thin, sparing layer of any unscented moisturizer or nappy rash cream to the tattoo and work into the skin until absorbed.

DO NOT scrub or scratch the tattoo.

DO NOT apply another dressing. 


For the first 10-14 days:

Every time you apply any cream to the tattoo please wash your hands first.

Apply a thin layer and gently work into the skin.

Repeat this several times a day.


for the remaining 4 weeks:

Apply a thin layer of cream to the tattoo 3-4 times a day working it fully into the skin.


Things to avoid during the healing process:

Avoid swimming, soaking in the bath or shower.

Do not scratch, scrub or pick at the tattoo.

Avoid direct sunlight and UV sunbeds. UV rays can severely damage the tattoo.

Avoid using antiseptic sprays and alcohol based cleansing products, these may contain chemicals that can irritate and damage the tattoo.

These guidelines are based on vast professional experience, common sense, research and extensive clinical practice. This is not considered to be a substitute for medical advice from a doctor. Be aware, however, that doctors have no specific training or experience regarding tattooing and may not be educated on how to best assist you.